Smarter Fluency Building For Professionals

Rapid English was founded in 2011 to help professionals improve their English skills quickly for practical use day to day in their work and businesses. Over the years since, we've developed a winning formula for in company classes and private lessons targeted to professionals' higher conceptualization abilities, practical focus, and needs for an engaging and highly interactive learning experience.

Targeted Learning System

Adult learners, practical objective

A few simple, intuitive, to the point rules of thumb that will help you use the language right a very high percentage of the time. 

Highly Interactive Approach

To improve you need to practice, practice should be interesting and fun and in line with the areas you’ll need English for

Choice of Learning Format

In person or online

Course Types

In Company Classes

Team build, improve English for business, focus on topics useful to business.

Private Lessons

Most powerful way, more focus on individual needs, more practice

Clients & Affiliations

What People Say

What I can say about lessons with Rapid English is that they are the place where theory confronts reality, where complex matters are explained easily, and where your mistakes are shown for you to improve. They are an effective process where learning and motivation increases with each next lesson – a great choice for those who want to learn English and a big step for my goals.
I am very happy that I made the decision to study with Rapid English. My instructor helped me to understand basics that I never learned in school and make essential progress. I got a lot of useful information from him, made a lot of progress and now I don’t feel any barrier to talk in English. Studying was a lot easier than my other experiences because they explained all the rules of English in the simplest way.
I took the TOEFL a year ago before applying to study in the US. My English was not so good then, but my instructor at Rapid English worked hard with me and helped me to prepare and I got the score I needed. Right now I’m studying, playing basketball, and living my dream in America. Rapid English helped make this possible for me and I recommend them to everyone preparing for the TOEFL or a similar exam.
High School Sports Star

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